Oct 26-27, 2023Detroit, Michigan
The Cameron Company, PA

Kevin Cameron

Kevin is the owner of The Cameron Company, PA and a managing member
partner of C&L Value Advisors.
Kevin’s primary focus in the firm is working with business owner clients. The
Firm provides comprehensive accounting, tax preparation and planning, and
advisory services.
Kevin works closely with his clients, helping them make sense of their financial
information so they can make accurate decisions in running their businesses. He
provides tax planning services using a proprietary system he developed in 1991
and obtained a copyright for in 1992. He actively works with clients in numerous
areas of business advisory services, including strategic planning and
implementation, growth management, business coaching, systems development
and improvement, and team and people-management.
Kevin’s clients fall into a broad range of industries, including medical, professional
and technical services, construction, real estate, manufacturing, distribution and
Kevin is a member of the Center for Enlightened Business and the CPA+ Network.
These organizations are dedicated to helping CPAs work more effectively with
clients in the areas of business development to achieve thriving businesses. He is a
two term past President of the Kiwanis Club of Tampa Bay, a past Boy Scouts of
America Leader and Leader-trainer, and a former member of The Executive
Kevin has presented over 150 programs to individuals and business owners on
various topics, including tax-planning, estate and retirement planning, business
development, cash flow, financial management, fraud prevention, business growth,
building strategy, developing mission statements, and executing business plans.
Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Tampa in
1984. He obtained his certified public accountants license in 1985. And he went
on to earn his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tampa
in 1988.
Kevin resides in Tampa with his wife, Linda. They have two sons, Christopher
and Matthew.